Paladin Biokineticists

Biokinetics is comprised of:

  1. Orthopaedic rehabilitation (strengthening of muscles to protect joints during both sport and activities of daily living),

  2. Chronic disease management (prescription and monitoring of individualised cardiovascular exercise) and

  3. Total wellness (lifestyle and stress management).

Paladin Associates has been in operation for over 10 years and is well known in the industry. They comprise of a well rounded team to take car of your needs.

Elana Bierman Physiotherapy

Elana Bierman Physiotherapy is a general physiotherapy practice that treats a wide variety of conditions.

These conditions include:

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Sports

  • Respiratory and 

  • Orthopaedic


Reflexology promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels in the body. Pressure techniques are used on the reflexes in the feet which stimulate corresponding organs and systems.

Giulia Muto Biokineticist

Biokinetics is the science of movement and the application of exercise in the rehabilitative treatment of performance. 

Giulia works with patients suffering from the following conditions:

1. Orthopeadic injuries

2. Neurological and chronic diseases

3. Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation

4. Postural correction and general wellness

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Occupational therapy is the use of holistic assessment and practical intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful and purposeful activities, ADL's or nominated occupations of individuals, groups, or communities. 

Podiatrist (Ayushee Gokal)

Podiatry is the medical profession assisting in Foot and lower limb healthcare. 
Ayushee provides a warm and professional environment while assessing all your foot needs

Speech Therapy & Audiology

Specialised services for diagnosis and treatment of adults and children.


Audiologists focus on identification, measurement and treatment of hearing disorders. Speech therapists assess and treat speech disorders, language concerns, voice, literacy and fluency.

Dietitian - Lindsey Leatherbarrow

As a Dietitian, Lindsey strives to teach clients to live a healthy lifestyle. She aims to improve their nutritional wellbeing, whether for the control of disease conditions, managing weight or for achieving sports goals, based on scientifically sound principles.

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