Lindsey Leatherbarrow


Lindsey has been in private practice since 1996. She runs a general practice, consulting adults and children about nutrition. Lindsey loves assisting her clients to improve their lifestyles through healthier eating.


She sees clients with conditions ranging from diabetes, raised cholesterol and lipid abnormalities, hypertension and gastric complaints as well as sportspersons and those who wish to manage their weight.


For a personalized eating plan:

  • First appointment:  A full nutritional assessment looking at current eating patterns, medical history, sport and exercise as well as cultural and work influences.  Body composition measurements are taken.

  • Second appointment: Feedback and analysis of the nutritional assessment, sharing of medical information if appropriate and working through a personal eating plan.

  • Follow up sessions:  Progress is measured. Additional tools and nutritional information is shared.

Assessments for Vitality points:

Body composition measurements are taken and healthy nutritional principles are discussed.

Additional Services

  • Lindsey also does DNA testing through DNAlysis. This allows diet, sport and health advice to be tailored to her clients based on their specific genetics.

  • Xymogen supplements can be purchased through Lindsey.

Cell: 072 209 7813