I am a proactive team player, with a positive, vibrant attitude. I am currently thriving as an accomplished BASI Comprehensive Pilates instructor and Booty Barre at my own studio, Dynamic Posture Pilates, in Rivonia Johannesburg, certified in May 2009. 


The moment I was introduced to Pilates 11 years ago I was hooked!
Pilates became and still is my passion in life. Every day I wake up with a purpose – which makes for a very fulfilling life- for which I am grateful for. Everything that I do centres around Pilates.

I am a driven, dedicated BASI instructor whose attention to detail is of benefit to all new, and long-standing clients.

The highlight in my career has been completing my Mentor BASI Course 2012 with Rael Isacowitz, Master Instructor and Founder of BASI Pilates, I attended the second time with Theo Botha in 2019.

I endeavour to complete the Legacy program in the future.

Pilates, Dance, Equestrian riding and cycling are an inspiration in my life which I have excelled in throughout my life
I am so blessed to be in a career that gives me the opportunity to share my passion and fascination in the art of human movement.

My one true love and life besides Pilates are my two beautiful daughters Taylor-Anne and Georgia-Lee whom I cherish and live each day for.