Jessica Hemmingway

Reflexology promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels in the body. Pressure techniques are used on the reflexes in the feet which stimulate corresponding organs and systems.


This also stimulates the breakdown of congestions which are caused by stress, toxins and illness. Energy is then able to flow properly again.

Reflexology stimulates circulation which in turn conveys important nutrients to the bodies' organs and systems. Reflexology also acts to break down uric acid/ calcium deposits in the feet. Thus reflexology promotes overall health.

Anybody can benefit from the art of reflexology. Jessica has been practicing Reflexology for going on 10 years. She has continued to further her studies every year in order to get a deeper understanding of the body and the art of Reflexology.


She is very passionate about using her Reflexology in treating varied fertility issues. She has also had great success in treating ailments from headaches, migraines, digestive issues, general pain to anxiety and depression.


There is no limit to what can be treated with Reflexology.

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