I am a holistic counsellor and am registered with the CCSA. I have been in the wellness industry since 2016. During this time I have learnt a lot about myself and others. I have grown a great deal myself in this process. I am also a Intuitive Healing Practitioner and am registered with the Energy Healers Association and the African Healers Association. In the counselling that I offer I guide my clients to help them find the answers that they need to make the best decisions for themselves. I specialise in relationships, co-dependency, addictions, abuse, trauma and clients who are recovering from or are still stuck in abusive cycles. I focus on the client’s value and their needs as well as how they are to better understand and love themselves. The holistic view of the client is what is most important hence I will consider all aspects of their life from their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for them to find the happiness they truly deserve.

I offer groups in the evenings. Process groups are a wonderful tool to assist individuals to learn from others in a therapeutic and safe setting. Each individual act as mirrors for each other and learn something new in each session. These therapeutic groups are run 2 times a week. Please contact me to make a booking.