The Drip Clinic

Natalie Agostinho 
Registered Nurse and Mid-Wife

Following her studies and practical internship, Natalie worked as a nurse in several public and private medical facilities. Upon completing her training, she practiced as a midwife for a couple of years, during which time she gained intimate knowledge and understanding of the physiological processes women experience during pregnancy and childbirth. Her scope does not end here, she ran a Travel Clinic, wound Clinic and Baby Clinic for several years.

Natalie later advanced her career in Aesthetic Laser treatments, under scholarship of several renowned Aesthetic Specialist’s in the specialist field of non-surgical laser. Natalie is fascinated with the concept of functional medicine, which is why she has been offering intravenous vitamin drips for the past 4 years. She believes in nourishing and healing the body from within, rather than treating symptoms and disease after they develop.

Natalie has a passion for health and nutrition and enjoys utilizing her years of experience to provide guidance for men, woman and children.

Drips offered:

  • Sports Drip

  • Hangover Drip

  • Glutathione Drip

  • MultiVitamin Drip

  • Iron Drip

  • Pregnancy Drip

  • Nexium Drip

In addition to this, Natalie offers Green Peel (Please read further on website)

And DR Erin Muller (Profile here)